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Bondi Beach Backpackers Hostel

Bondi Beach Backpackers was opened in 1996, before the internet and mobile phones! We were the first purpose built backpackers hostel in the Bondi Beach area of Sydney.

The Early Days

Originally called Indy’s Bondi Beach Backpackers we proved to be a successful operation right from the start. This was because of our fabulous location just metres from the beach and because of the design of the building. The building is designed in such a way as to encourage people to meet and be social. There is a large open indoor area as well as a large backyard and BBQ area. This is perfect for people travelling in groups or solo and allows for a friendly, family type vibe.

The year 2000 was a big year for us with the Sydney Olympic Games. It was a fabulous time for Bondi Beach with the Olympic Beach Volleyball Stadium just 200 meters away from the hostel. Bondi Beach Backpackers also had the pleasure to host a large group from Penn State University (USA). Many of those students had never left the US before and some had never seen the ocean.

The 2000 Olympics provided a huge boost to the hostel so we were able to add many additional services that are now a standard fixture. We have 12 surfboards, 12 body boards, 6 mountain bikes, table tennis, even an outdoor gym. For low budget accommodation this gives our guests a whole heap of value without any extra cost.

Surfside Bondi Beach Backpackers

In the early 2000’s Indy’s was renamed Surfside Bondi Beach Backpackers.  We took it as an opportunity to revamp the outside space. The upper courtyard steps were widened to flow down to the lower area and so made the space more open. We built surfboards racks and added sun loungers. We even put in a basketball hoop which was super popular.


The next step was to look at the inside space. In 2007 we put in a new kitchen, new bathrooms did an update throughout. WiFi was added in 2017. This is available at high speed to every corner of the building, with no time or data restrictions for FREE.

Sydney can get pretty hot, and the beautiful balmy nights are great for nights out and partying, but can be hard for sleep. So, we added air conditioning as standard in all bedrooms in 2018.

Value for Money

Here at Bondi Beach Backpackers we are constantly looking at how we can make our guests stay more enjoyable. We want you to get out to the beach like a local, but we get that you may not have all the gear. Therefore we have 18 surfboards, 12 body boards, 12 sets of snorkels and masks even sunscreen for FREE. You cannot possibly explore on an empty stomach, so we include tea, coffee and a simple breakfast for FREE. We have free air conditioned room, free WiFi, use of the table tennis and skateboards.

Looking for work?

We understand that looking for work can be tricky in a new country, therefore our guests services include free Employment services. This includes Tax File Number application, free Resume help, free Medicare Card help, free Bank Account help, free Business cards, help with Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and White Card Construction Certificate courses. We even print, scan/email and photocopy for our guests.

Our other services include Airport Shuttles, Opal Cards, Adaptors, mobile phone sims, and prepaid credit, plus much much more.

Wanting to travel?

Our team at the Travel Desk is very experienced and can give you great tourist information. We have put together free Sydney Explorer Day Guides for great days out, free Driver’s guides for Sydney to Cairns/East Coast adventures and Sydney to Melbourne/East Coast Adventures. They can also get you sorted with all the transport networks of Greyhound and Premier bus companies to get you from A to B and then C.

Wanting to hang out in Bondi?

Our Events Staff will give you a cracking night out every night of the week with karaoke, live music, theme nights, pool parties, happy hours, group nights out and weekend activities. Its endless!


Our affordable meals on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and our wine nights on Tuesdays and Thursday days are legendary.

Our Mission Statement

We love Bondi Beach, we love our job, we love the guests and will work all day to help in any way we can. Some staff have been there since 1996!

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See you soon.

We very much hope you enjoy your stay.