We recommend the Commonwealth Bank at Bondi Beach.

They are the best and can be found every everywhere in Australia.

Its easy to recommend this bank as we bank with them too. Easy with good internet banking.

Find the Commonwealth Bank at 100 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach open 9:30am to 3pm weekdays.

It’s just 3 minutes walk and 210 meters away.

Click the link

You can use our address which is 35a Hall Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026.


You need a tax file number to work in Australia.

We can do this at no charge if you want us to.

Please come to reception and ask, bring your passport too.


In Australia there are 2 kinds of doctors, those that bulk bill (free because government pays the doctor) and those that charge you.

To see a bulk bill doctor you need a Medicare card.

If you are from UK, Belgium, Finland, Malta, Netherlands, NZ, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Slovenia or Sweden it’s free.

Click this link to download the Medicare enrolment form

We are happy to print this for you for a small charge. You can use our address which is 35a Hall Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026.


I’m personally with Vodafone so it’s easy to recommend.

There is also a Vodafone store 2 doors down from Bondi Beach Backpackers so problems can be fixed easy.

Other options are Optus and Telstra plus a ton of online ones.

Free Vodafone and Optus sim cards on reception wall, just help yourself.

You can get credit at the post office or the Vodafone shop or online.