Parking your Vehicle/Free Parking

I suggest you come to our address first (35a Hall Street Bondi Beach) to drop bags off, check into the room & then park the car. It’s easier for you this way.

Once at our location put 20 or 50 cents in the meter. This will give you 20 or 50 cents worth of time as well as 15 extra minutes grace period, more than enough time to get keys & drop bags.

The 24/7 free parking is about a 4 minute drive & a 8-10 minute walk back. You will be walking past supermarket, bars, shops cafes & restaurants. Please see shaded area on the map.

Parking around no.3 (marked on map) is our suggestion as walking back along Gould Street is safe, easy & will bring you back to Hall Street as they intersect.

The building located at no.3 has the address 74 Blair Street, Bondi Beach. Here is the link…

Please note that the free parking area is a residential area so very safe for your vehicle & to walk to & from.

I hope this helps

Rich @ Bondi Beach Backpackers