Fitness Recommendations

Wanting to stay fit and active whilst travelling, then Bondi Beach is the best place to be. Bondi Beach is renowned for its active lifestyle. There are dozens of top-quality gyms around Bondi Beach to help you stay on track.

Outdoor Gym/Street Workout Park

Looking for something free with a stunning view of Bondi Beach while you train, then the Bondi Beach outdoor gym is the place for you. The Bondi Park Outdoor Gym is in Bondi Park, located next to the North Bondi Surf Club over looking the beach. This gym has calisthenics equipment in a hub designed for strength training. It’s 10 minutes and 800 meters away. Click this link for directions

Fitness First

There are two fitness first gyms located in Bondi Junction both offering state of the art gym equipment. Fitness first is a popular gym with 60 gyms based around Australia. They provide a variety of memberships that can provide access to all the gyms, a range of classes such as reformer Pilates and 24/7 gym access.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is another popular gym located in Bondi Junction. The gym is known for its flexible hours as its open 24/7. Well-equipped with modern equipment and members praise the gym for its affordable membership fees, which make it accessible to everyone.

BeachFit Bondi

They are in partnership with F45. The F stands for functional training, a mix of circuit and HITT style workouts geared towards everyday movement. 45 is the total amount of time. When you sign up for a membership the classes are unlimited so you can go to as many as you wish. It’s 4 minutes and 350 meters away. Click here for directions

The Well Bondi

This gym is one of the more premium gyms but comes at a higher cost. Classes & training options, including pilates, yoga & personal training. The gym has a relaxing and calming atmosphere & customers appreciate the knowledgeable & supportive instructors, clean facilities and challenging workouts. Its 3 minutes and 270 meters away. Click here for directions

Speedo Fitness Club Bondi

This gym is owned by the well-known swimwear brand Speedo. They offer a range of classes and training options, including strength training, cardio, and swimming lessons. It’s 5 minutes and 350 meters away. Click here for directions

Virgin Active

This gym is based in Bondi Junction and is at the higher end of the price range. However, the gym has a wide range of services and amenities, including a pool, sauna, steam room, and fitness classes. The gym is praised for its top-notch customer service, cleanliness, and high-quality equipment. It is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a gym that offers a variety of services and amenities.

Groups Activities

Looking to join a club, make friends and be a part of a community then there are numerous ways of doing so and completely free of charge.

Bondi Salties

Meeting every Friday at 6:15am at North Bondi Beach ramp, starting off with an optional soft sand run along the beach followed by a point to point swim across the length of the prestigious Bondi Beach. They then end their workout with a friendly coffee and catch up @ Brews.

If you are a keen swimmer, then get your budgie smugglers on. Its an extremely popular event which is very welcoming to all willing to take part. It’s 11 minutes and 900 meters away. Click here for directions

For more information please check out their website


Also, completely free for the early risers at 6:15am every Wednesday at North Bondi Surf Club.  Consists of sprints in towards the water (in & outs 100/150m) in the form of HIIT training as you will be swimming against the waves, back out again to touch the wall. Repeatedly. Extremely fun and fast paced workout that will test your swimming and running skills. It’s 11 minutes and 900 meters away. Click here for directions

For more information on this activity check out their Instagram: @bondi_penguins

Bondi Beach Run Club

Every Monday & Wednesday at 6:15am completely free, inclusive, and relaxed run. A great way to meet new people and enjoy your workout experience. The runs average at 5km, starting at Bondi Surf Club and heading towards Bronte and back. Finishing up at Bobby’s café for a coffee and group catch up.

For more information check out their Instagram @bondibeachrunclub

It’s 7 minutes away and 700 meters. Click link for directions

Centennial Park Run

Free weekly 5km run every Saturday morning at 7am in Centennial Park. Large groups of positive runners! You can walk, jog or run its completely up to you. Register before you come along so you can track your time and log in your park run for future reference.

For more information check their website

I hope this helps.

Carla @ Bondi Beach Backpackers