Forgot your towel or need a second one. We can help. $15 to buy, $2 to rent per night/$15 deposit.

Power Banks

If we had to recommend one item to have whilst travelling this is it. Power points/sockets will not always be available everywhere you go and these devices fill the gap perfectly.

Unfortunately, our building is old and was built before mobile phones were around therefore we don’t have enough power points in each bedroom for everyone.

Our electrician has quoted a figure too large to put a power point next to each bed. We have power points all over the building including kitchen, dining, common area but to fill the gap we have power banks for sale and to rent.

We charge it for you during the day in reception so you can charge your phone at night on your bed.

Also great for interstate bus travel, airplanes, buses, trains and ferries. We cannot recommend them enough when travelling. $49.99 to buy, $2 to rent per night/$49.99 deposit.


Rich @ Bondi Beach Backpackers