Terms & Conditions

Hello to you. We have been established and running this business since 1996 for 27 years now and communication solves 99.9% of issues so here are our contact details.

Bondi Beach Backpackers 02 9365 4900 info@bondibeachbackpackers.com.au Please don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Reservation Payments and Cancellation Policy

We will debit the full amount to your debit/credit card plus two percent credit card fee and 100% of any extras at the point of receiving the booking. We will send a confirmation by email, text or WhatsApp. This amount is non-refundable.

If you card declines we will try 1st night, 2nd night, 3rd night and so on. We will let you know by email, text or WhatsApp. We can only reserve what is paid for. Again Communication will solve this issue.

Christmas & New Years Bookings

Any bookings that enter the period of 21st December to 4th January each year will have any balances charged in at the point of receiving the booking. Once charged this amount is non refundable. 

Check In Requirements.

Our office hours are 8am to 10pm. Quite often we are here earlier and later than these times. If you arrive outside of these times & you have a reservation we will have left keys out for you and beds/rooms will be ready. You may have to ring us from front door to get front door code and at this point we will let you know where the keys are. Our contact details do change with staff and are on our front door at both locations.

Bondi Beach Backpackers will require a $100 security deposit from each person charged to your debit/credit card on the morning of your arrival plus 2 % card fee. This allows us to leave the keys in the key safe in case you arrive when we are not there.

Bondi Beach Backpackers will also require ID and credit/debit card details from each guest at check in.

We have a minimum fee of $1.00 per night that we charge every guest that enables us to give you a number of services & facilities many other places charge for. This includes our NBN Wi-Fi with no data or time restrictions. Also included is a tax file number application, resume help, help with Medicare cards, help with RSA & White Card certificates, Help with travel with guides and maps, tons of local advice plus we can help with Greyhound and Premier bus tickets and passes. It also includes unlimited use of surfboards, body boards, roller blades & skateboards & sun cream plus multiple vouchers for food, drink, retail stores and tourist hot spots. We will inform you of this at check in but often its misheard/not remembered for which we apologise. 

Let’s Be Really Clear of What We Are.

We are not a hotel, a motel or a bed & breakfast and not boutique. We are a backpackers accommodation. We are a family business established for over 27 years with a price structure that fits our accommodation level. We are a professional business with high standards with thousands upon thousands of happy customers who return over & over. Our client base is young travellers; average age is 18 to 35 and occasionally higher, we also have families stay in the winter months. We have a firm but fair set of rules in place for our guests and we don’t allow our guests to have free reign at the expense of other guests. We have an on-site live-in manager. We accept backpackers, travellers, and regularly have older guests and families most of whom are very happy with our rooms and service. For the amount of money involved if you expect 5 star hotel style rooms you won’t find them in a backpackers hostel. We allow our guests to drink their own alcohol onsite with same rules as bars and pubs. We do not allow any drugs at any time and are very firm with those who flaunt it. If you expect absolute quiet, please do not book as it’s hard to guarantee. We suggest you call us before booking to have a conversation with us if you are unsure and want clarification as we don’t want to mislead you as to what we are and what we have to offer you.


Bondi Beach Backpackers provide all bedding & we make the bed for you too and in most cases place a label on the bed too. We do not allow you to use your own bedding for hygiene reasons. On each bed, made up for you we provide a warm duvet/comforter/doona, a pillow and sheet for the mattress. 

Parking Bondi Beach

There is FREE parking, but we DON’T have a car park. The parking is street parking. You can park directly out the front of Bondi Beach Backpackers from 9pm to 8am for FREE and pay parking from 8am to 9pm. We do help with 24-hour free parking in local streets but it’s a 5-7-minute walk depending on which street and availability. Parking is plentiful up until approx. 6-7pm when it gets a little harder as residents return from work. We have maps to help you locate FREE 24-hour parking. We recommend that you park out front for enough time to check in, collect a map and then park your vehicle. It’s much harder to park, walk with bags and then check in. If our office is closed when you arrive please call us as we have maps ready for you to collect any time of day or night. We take no responsibility if you get a parking fine.

What If I’m Not Happy with My Bed or Room.

In the event that you are unhappy with your bed/room it is your responsibility to come back to front desk immediately (within 15 minutes of receiving the key) to voice your concerns to the person in the office who checked you in. This will allow Bondi Beach Backpackers the chance to provide an alternate solution and address your concern.

If the office has closed between checking in and returning to the office, you must call us and we will come back (02 9365 4900). If you do not communicate immediately we will assume that you are satisfied with the accommodation and you will be held responsible for any payments due. You will still be responsible for payment if you walk away without communicating with the office. No communication will result in no refund.

Thanks for reading.