Sleeping Guests v Noisy/Disrespectful Guests

Many of our guests work very hard and 7 days a week. Many work early and get up at 5am, similarly many guests work late and sleep later. Everyone needs their sleep so, be respectful to one another.

Therefore, all areas in our building are quiet areas from 10pm to 10am every day and it’s very important to us that you know where you can chat, take calls, be social etc. Those areas are downstairs near the kitchen which is the furthest place from the bedrooms.

Please sit here with phones or laptops, please hang out here, please chat here and only go upstairs to use bathrooms or to go to bed. Extremely quiet areas are the entrance alleyway, the stairs, the landing, the area around the stairs, the corridors/hallways and bathrooms.

If you are being disturbed, please don’t suffer, get up and get this sorted now. Tell those making noise to move downstairs, you will be doing yourself and many other guests a favour.

Carla is our live in manager and she is in room 11 if you need her to intervene on your behalf.

Please also let the office know the next day so we can address any issues. Take a picture of those disturbing you so we know who to talk to next day.

I hope you understand what we are trying to do. We all need to sleep.

Thanks for reading

Rich @ Bondi Beach Backpackers